I haven't been here in a long time...I think I got frustrated because so many people post, ask for advice, and you can spend hours helping them and then they disregard everything and disappear. I realize we have to leave that to them, but after a while, it gets old. AND then too, I don't date, I pretty much gave up on having a relationship again and have just focused on living my life...alone. It's been good, actually, to not feel I needed someone in my life. Sometimes it gets lonely, but most of the time I'm happy living my life alone, solitude, etc., just having friends.

Is anybody around that knew me back then? I'd love to hear from you!

A lot has changed in my life. I lost my job, and since I'd already spent a year looking for work June 2011-May 2012 and coming up empty, I decided instead of putting myself through the stress, I'd retire early. I got hit by a car the night before my boss told me he was cutting my job, the second time in four months, so I decided I wasn't going to commute and put my life on the line for some low paying job (that's about all that's offered anymore), I'd just pare my budget back and stay home. I started taking my IRA, only have a year to go for social security. I applied for Obamacare, haven't heard back. Oregon is extremely lagging behind and not going to make the deadline so I may not have insurance this next year. I fractured my leg as soon as I lost my insurance (my boss had said he'd pay it through the end of the year but he didn't, he let everyone's insurance lapse). The same week my roof started leaking and I got someone out to patch it and they said I need a new roof, so I'll get that done next summer. My boss still owed me three months pay and I haven't been able to collect it, he has no money, just debts, and I'm low on his priorities.

You'd think with all of the things that have happened, I'd be miserable, but I'm not. I'm happier than I've ever been in my life (except when my husband was alive), and my blood pressure shows it! I had to have a couple of teeth pulled and the dentist took my blood pressure 120/60, it hasn't been that low in YEARS! It reflects my removing myself from stress, and I figure that ought to result in better health in itself. I'm still walking twice a day with my dog, and have lost some weight, still have a ways to go, but no hurry, just living life and loving it! Have had lots of time for making cards, my hobby and passion. Have enjoyed getting more involved in my church and having time for friends/family. That is until this cold spell hit, no one can go anywhere right now, everyone has busted pipes, etc, but this too shall pass. smile

Enacting life's lessons into positive change... .