John 10:28-30 (NLT)
28 I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them away from me, 29 for my Father has given them to me, and he is more powerful than anyone else. No one can snatch them from the Father�s hand. 30 The Father and I are one.

Jesus gives this response as people ask Him if He is the Messiah. Even though Jesus had made this face clear on several occasions then people did not believe Him. So he states that those who believe in Him, He gives eternal life. The Father has given them unto Him and no one can pull them back. Them He states that He and the Father are one to which the crowd responds by wanting to stone Him for claiming He and the Father are one.

[Only 12-years-old, and in a moment one Ethiopian girl's world turned into a nightmare. Seven violent men abducted the pre-teen, intending to force her into marriage. The men held the girl for seven days, beating her repeatedly.

Such incidents are common in Ethiopia, as several men band together to abduct young girls for the purpose of securing a bride. The girls are typically beaten into submission and raped. In this particular instance, there was not a human being within earshot to hear the cries of this girl. But her cries were heard.

The unlikely heroes were three majestic Ethiopian lions. Famous for their large black manes, these lions are the national symbol of the country. In response to the girl's cries for help, three large lions leapt from the brush and chased her captors away. Perhaps the child thought she had traded one danger for another, but remarkably, her heroes formed a protective perimeter around her. A half-day later, when the police arrived, the guardian lions simply stood up and walked away. Sgt. Wondimu Wedajo said, "They stood guard until we found her, and then they just left her like a gift and went back into the forest."

Among the explanations for the lions' unusual behavior, one wildlife expert suggested the girl's whimpering could have sounded like a lion cub. For whatever reason, the predator served as protector. The carnivore became a sentinel. "Everyone…thinks this is some kind of miracle," Wondimu commented.

This 12-year-old girl was helpless, powerless to change her horrific circumstances. Her deliverance had to come from a power greater than, and outside of, herself. In the same way, we are powerless to save ourselves from sin and death. Our only hope is in Christ, the Lion of Judah. [David Slagle, Decatur, Georgia; source: Anthony Mitchell, "Lions Rescue, Guard Beaten Ethiopian Girl," Yahoo News (6-21-05); "Lions Free Kidnapped Girl," (6-21-05)]]

Jesus promises that no one will take us away from Him when we believe he is the Messiah. Place your hope and faith in Jesus and He will watch over you as the Lion of Judah.