Luke 11:13 (NLT)
13 So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.

Jesus was teaching His disciples about prayer; so He used several parables to help them understand. Here it this example it was about us giving good gifts to our children. Most good parents want to do good things for their children and yet even these good parents have sin in their lives. God who is perfect and loves us as His children is ready to give to each of us the Holy Spirit just for asking.

Clare de Graff writes in �The 10-Second Rule� (Howard Books, 2013), pp. 52-53 -- I've imagined this scene in my head: I'm playing baseball with Jesus. The stands are full of fans, but out there on the field it's just him and me. I'm the pitcher. Jesus is the catcher, behind home plate. He settles into his crouch, ready to play, and I look for his signals�simple commands. What pitch will he want me to throw? I wait in anticipation, but also with one eye on the crowd. What will they think of me?

He signals a fastball.

I think for a moment and shake my head�no, not a fastball.

Next he signals a slider.

This time I look toward my teammates in the dugout for guidance. Then I glance up at the fans. No, I'm not comfortable with that one either.

He gives me yet a third signal.

No, not today, thank you!

Then I imagine Jesus silently and slowly withdrawing his signaling hand back into his mitt. There's a deep disappointment in his eyes. He's decided to let me throw whatever I want. So I do�and then I wonder why there's just no team spirit anymore!

Has Jesus stopped giving you signals?

I doubt it. He never stops speaking to his children. Is there a signal God's been trying to give you, even as you read this sentence that you've ignored because you just don't want to obey?

I know in my life there have been plenty of times I have failed to listen to Jesus, but Jesus still loves me and still wants to speak into my life. All I need to do is put myself to the side and listen. Father I pray that we all learn to stop in life, put aside our own desires, our own wants, and listen to what has been planned for us through Your Son Jesus Christ.