Psalm 40:8 (NIV)
8 I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.

God�s law rules within our heart; it is the conscious of our soul. Knowing God�s law and having a desire to perform God�s will gives us a joy and delight.

Lee Eclov shares the following true story about a conversation between Max, a first grader in Lee's congregation, and Max's dad, Todd.

Dad: Max! Why didn't you answer me when I called you?

Max: I didn't hear you, Dad.

Dad: What do you mean you didn't hear me?

Max does not respond.

Dad: How many times didn't you hear me?

Max: I don't know, maybe three or four times.

Although God abides with us and His law is with us there are many times we do not listen. We can hear God calling to us. We may be asked to perform a charitable act and yet we don�t respond. Sometimes we are directed away from things that are not good for us, but we do them anyway. And other times we just consider ourselves ignoring everyone else. Still God is calling, calling maybe three or four times and we still don�t listen.

The challenge in life is to pause and heed God�s calling. Listen closely as God speaks; and allow Him to direct the paths in your life.