Proverbs 5:1 (NLT)
My son, pay attention to my wisdom; listen carefully to my wise counsel.

Solomon's lectures are not designed to fill our heads with notions, with matters of nice speculation, or doubtful disputation, but to guide us in the government of ourselves, that we may act prudently, so as becomes us and so as will be for our true interest. [Matthew Henry]

The other day I listened to a friend describe what they call a feedback session at their job. The intent of the feedback session is to cover a situation or event an employee was involved in and provides constructive feedback to the person. The intent is to help the employee learn how to better handle an issue in the future. There are no disciplinary actions associated with the feedback session; instead it is an opportunity to listen to another�s wisdom and gain from their knowledge.

In this case my friend had to cover an issue with a fellow employee. My friend was careful to explain how he saw what had taken place and how the employee could better themselves the next time. After listening for a short while the employee told my friend he felt like he was being disciplined. Yet there were no disciplinary actions to be taken. This was a constructive feedback session to help the employee deal with future circumstances in the most professional manner. My friend reassured the employee this was for their benefit and no actions were to be taken.

So why would someone feel like they were being disciplined when they were receiving constructive feedback? Unfortunately there could be many reasons that came from the persons past. They may have had parents who disciplined for any and all negative actions. The person may have low self-respect or low self-esteem and therefore they believe any comments against them to be negative and hurtful. They may have been in negative relationships where their good qualities were never validated and their bad qualities were emphasized.

Yet, what was the intent of the session? It was an opportunity to learn from another�s wisdom without any repercussions or disciplinary actions. Just by listening and understanding their mistakes they could avoid making the same mistake in the future where the consequences could be greater.

If you know someone is trying to help you, put aside your feelings and listen to their wisdom. By paying attention you could improve yourself and learn to deal with the realities of life. In fact maybe the person talking to you has been in the same position before and learned how to effectively deal with whatever took place. Had they not listened to wisdom they would not have the chance to pass it on.