Psalm 103:13 (NLT)
13 The Lord is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him.

He pities-as a father pities his children, and does them good as there is occasion. God is a Father to those that fear him and owns them for his children, and he is tender of them as a father. The father pities his children that are weak in knowledge and instructs them, pities them when they are froward and bears with them, pities them when they are sick and comforts them (Isa. 66:13), pities them when they have fallen and helps them up again, pities them when they have offended, and, upon their submission, forgives them, pities them when they are wronged and gives them redress; thus the Lord pities those that fear him. [Matthew Henry Commentary]

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, there's a restaurant called Tim's Place. It's named after Tim Harris, a young man with Down syndrome who started the business in 2010 with help from his dad, Keith. Six days a week, Tim greets each customer at the door. The 27-year-old young man calls his restaurant "the world's friendliest restaurant."

In an episode of NPR's Storycorps, he tells his dad, "I wanted to own a restaurant ever since I was a kid. That was my dream." When he was in high school, Tim decided he wanted to go to college. So in 2004, he moved about three hours away to study food service, office skills, and restaurant hosting at Eastern New Mexico University.

The separation wasn't easy at first�for Tim or his parents. Tim told his dad, "I pretty much, like, stayed in my room because I was upset, missing my mom and dad. That was the saddest part. I cried in my pillow. My pillow was nothing but tears. So I decided to knock it off and make friends. It didn't take long."

Now Tim lives in his own apartment within walking distance of his restaurant. Every day, when customers come into the restaurant, Tim says, "When they see me, they just melt into my arms for a hug," he says. The hugs are tallied on a digital counter on the wall, which now displays more than 33,000 hugs.

On the episode Tim asks, "[Dad], how does it feel having a son with a disability?" His dad replies, "You know, Tim, when you were born I was filled with a lot of doubts about whether I could be a good enough dad to be your dad. And many years later now, I'm so happy to have you in my life. I'm very, very proud of you and what you've become."

"Dad, you are the most loving dad ever. And Mom, too," Tim says. "You guys are my superheroes. And having you in my life � that makes me special." [NPR Staff, "A 'Good Enough Dad' and His Special Son," NPR Storycorps (3-15-13);]

We have a Father in heaven who encourages and supports us through the tough times. There are times we are left to face a task alone so we can build strength, but Our Father is always close. God loves us, is compassionate towards us and cares for our lives.