Psalm 119:105 (NIV)
105 Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

The nature of the word of God, and the great intention of giving it to the world; it is a lamp and a light. It discovers to us, concerning God and ourselves, that which otherwise we could not have known; it shows us what is amiss, and will be dangerous; it directs us in our work and way, and a dark place indeed the world would be without it. It is a lamp which we may set up by us, and take into our hands for our own particular use, Prov. 6:23. The commandment is a lamp kept burning with the oil of the Spirit; it is like the lamps in the sanctuary, and the pillar of fire to Israel. [Matthew Henry Commentary]

I started writing these devotions to a friend many years ago and since then they have spread to others. Most days I allow another Bible webpage to pick out The Bible verses for me. Unless it�s something I really can�t relate to that day I may pick something out of Proverbs, but otherwise I use the verse I�m given.

I�ll always try to explain The Bible verse. Most often I will refer to the Matthew Henry Commentary because he tends to expound on the verse and give insight into it. Sometimes I know the verse well enough so I write my own explanation. I never know what I�ll be writing on a given day, but God does.

I�ll find a short story to illustrate the verse and sometimes I will even write from life experiences as I am doing today. There are times I may even pick a short story and add to it as a commentary. It just all depends on how God is leading me that day. I know when the story is not right because I draw a total blank. It�s just not what God wants me to share that day.

Over the years of writing, people will sometimes comment back to me: �How did you know what I was going through?�; �Those words were what I needed to cheer me up.�; �I was looking for God�s guidance and I found it in the message.�; �or it may just be a simple thank you.�

Sometimes people have even written back almost identical messages to me about the devotion. Let me assure you, usually the stories I pick are not about you. They are a story that is just pleasant and meaningful to me. However, GOD USES THE POWER OF HIS WORD LIKE A LAMP UNTO YOUR SOUL to speak to you. His word finds something in your heart and opens the door to it.

I pray God will takes His word and shine a lamp brightly into your heart to help you see what God wants you to do. You may be struggling with a problem. You may have an illness. You may be looking for work. Just know God is walking right there with you, ready to speak to you and encourage you. God finds you precious and loves you very must. Let His word fill your hearts so you know what to do at the proper times.