Hello, I think I posted this the 1st time in the wrong forum so I'm posting again here. Please help me pray for my marriage and my husband, we need a serious miracle at the hand of God to turn this entire thing around.

Long story short, my husband left me 5 months ago, a week later came home and said he had an affair, lead me to believe we were on the path to reconciling and that he was coming home (we even flew down to his family's house for Thanksgiving), and then 5 min. after saying that, said he wasn't coming home and that we would eventually be getting a divorce. I spoke to him today and he again said that he thinks this is the right decision b/c this is "the wrong situation" and "not healthy." I honestly don't understand why he says this b/c there is no violence in our marriage, we don't even curse at each other. There are heated discussions and the usual relational issues but nothing I feel can't be reconciled.

We've been to only one counseling session and he said he doesn't want to do anymore and is not willing to try. I'm stumped and at a loss. We need a miracle at this point. I'm asking for prayers and intercessory prayer. Please help me pray for the restoration and reconciliation of our marriage. Please pray that the Lord soften my husband's heart toward me and our marriage. Pray for God's divine intervention in this situation, that He moves in our marriage and turns this entire thing around. I pray there will be no divorce in our future. I pray that this separation between H and I cease. Please pray the Lord remove all spirits of divorce, adultery, deceit, selfishness and hopelessness far away from our marriage. I truly believe God is faithful to restore and heal our marriage. H is a good man and I pray the Lord will help him love me again as his wife and that He will guide our hearts back to each other. I pray God works in our marriage and moves in a miraculous way to resurrect our marriage. In Jesus name I pray and give Him all the glory, Amen.

Please come into agreement with me and pray for us as I am also praying for all broken marriages here. Thank you.