Psalm 120:1 NIV
1 I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me.

The Psalmist prays to God to deliver him from the mischief designed him by false and malicious tongues.

If you have had time to watch the political debates that have been taking place; you would have heard many false and malicious words. It just seems people can�t win on their own integrity so they lambast the integrity of their opponents.

At times they use half-truths. For instance Ben Carson took time to return to Florida and rest and repack for the next set of debates and town halls. One of the TV networks said Ben Carson had dropped out of the race and those words got passed to a competitor politician who repeated them.

As people of God we need to be delivered from false and malicious tongues. We need people who can tell the truth at all cost. We need people with integrity and honor that remember God�s word and keep it holy.

Let us pray as a nation that God will deliver us from the mischief designed by Satan who uses false and malicious words to mislead us. May The Lord hear us and deliver us from our distress.