Psalm 51:11 (NIV)
11 Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.

David understood when the Holy Spirit was with him that God was there with him too. David took comfort in The Holy Spirit for he knew God�s protection was close by. The protection came in many forms. David was protected from his own evil ways. David was protected from the evil temptations of others.

The Holy Spirit was a companion reminding David of God�s presence and love for him. In this verse David knew he had sinned and his fear was God was going to remove his spirit from David. But because David had repented and desired to be right with God the Holy Spirit remained with him.

In our Christian lives the Holy Spirit is a companion that remains with us. When we have failed in life and have fallen into temptation the Holy Spirit reminds us that Christ died for our sins and that grace is freely given when we repent.

There are some that do not understand grace. We fail, we repent and yet we keep feeling guilt and shame over our actions. This is not something we should be doing. The grace has been freely placed in our hands with the only condition of repentance. We are absolved of the sin we have committed. But let us not so easily return to the sin we have been removed from.

What people mix up is that there are consequences in life. Those consequences sometimes have a penalty associated with them, but the consequences are not from God; they are from our own actions. For example, you drink alcohol to access; did God make you drink the alcohol? Then you decide to get in a car and drive; did God make you drive? Then you crash into someone and people are hurt; who hurt the people, you or God? You see we bring consequences on ourselves. God through the Holy Spirit tries to warn us so we do take the actions that lead us to harmful consequences.

Holy Spirit, I don�t how to pray for the problems in my life. Like David, I�m worried that you will leave me although your word tells me others. So Holy Spirit, pray for me, pray for my sins, pray for the temptations that come at me and remind me that God and Jesus Christ love me dearly. Amen