Isaiah 63:10 (NIV)
10 Yet they rebelled and grieved his Holy Spirit. So he turned and became their enemy and he himself fought against them.

Here we are told the people rebelled against God. The Holy Spirit had been sent to be among them and yet they vexed the Holy Spirit with idols, unbelief and harsh words against God the Father.

So these people became an enemy against God. The protection given to them through The Holy Spirt was pulled away and they were left to themselves. A simple way of saying all this is either you are for God or you are against God. When you go against God then you walk away from the benefits of God: His protection and His wisdom.

When Christ died, rose again to life, and went to live in Heaven, Christ left with us The Holy Spirit that would always be a companion to us. In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit could come and go, but in the New Testament the Holy Spirit is always there. The difference was instead of the Holy Spirit leaving we grieve the Holy Spirit and ignore the companionship we have been given. We miss out on the many words of wisdom and therefore easily fall into the traps of the devil. It is as if we have turned our back on a good friend for a friend who is set out to destroy us.

Yesterday I heard a sad, but wonderful sorry of how a person had grieved the Holy Spirit and made their own choices. They were upset with the world. Parents who should have been concerned and caring made comments that were hurtful and destructive. Then the enemy�s snare comes along and pulls you in with others who are pulling away from God trying to find something to satisfy their lives. Many people turn to alcohol, drugs, and many other types of immoralities. At first it seems to satisfy their need. But the devil is sneaky that way. He makes something look good and then turns it into a horrible nightmare.

But the Holy Spirit continues to plead with Christ who pleads to the Father for mercy, love and grace to be put back into the person�s life. Fortunately this person called out to Christ and His love, mercy and grace came rushing in. This completely changed the person�s life and gave them a new reason to live.

If you are fighting against God, stop and surrender to Him. His love is waiting for you.