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I have explained that in my biblical view that submitting isn't the same as sacrificing , I view it like I do as a subordinate peer in the military, yes I may have positional authority over that person, yes I may have the final say so, however the other's thoughts, skills, words, and works are just as valuable as mine.

What your wife describes is sacrifice. For her to meet your needs in a way that does not benefit her is sacrifice. The Bible says you should submit to one another. That does not mean that you make sacrifices or relegate decision making. You should both have the "final say so" over decisions that effect your marriage. Otherwise, you will never have a compatible marriage. Decisions should be made together, not unilaterally.

Marriage Builders does have a plan to create romantic love in your marriage. I believe God led you both to this forum, hopefully you are able to put aside your own ideas and follow this program. It really does work.

The question is, do you want her to be in love with you or not?

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