I am tired and sad. My husband calls me names, put me down, my family too by calling us all losers. He believes he is a winner, has accomplished much compared to me. His tone of voice at times sounds like he hates me. He is disappointed in me, and says so is the Lord.

I am clumsy, break things, etc... But he says that I drop or break things because I don't care

I am tired of never measuring up to his expectations . He doesn't want to go for counselling. I just need a miracle.

No one knows how he is at home, in public he's kind, sweet, thoughtful etc... To me and others. But at home, I seem to get on his nerves a lot and then the name calling starts. He says such mean things, like marrying me was a mistake. And he often denies what he said, example if he calls me dumb or stupid, and I bring it back later, he'll say, "I didn't say you were dumb or stupid, I said what you did was dumb or stupid." Or he'll say "I never said that" , when he did!

He once apologized for not being a good husband out of the blue, then he totally denied saying it 2 months later.

Sorry for so much details. Please pray for a miracle.... That he will realize how hurtful his words are, that his love for me will return, that he will respect and treat me the way the Lord wants me to be treated.

Thank you in advance