<B>UPDATE 3:51 p.m. Eastern Standard Time</B><P>Went to work this morning and as soon as the agency opened I spoke to the people that are in charge of assisting her in her care and mental health. They were wonderful. They contacted her father and he was leaving work to go with them to the county court house to petition the judge to have her hospitalized for a seventy-two hour evaluation time. The judge granted the motion. <P>The police and ambulance met all of them at my ex's house and they took Siobhan to the first place they had to for the screening. So far everything was going well. <P>When she was finally interviewed the screener deemed she was not "psychotic enough" to be hospitalized. She was then released.<P>This man must have been a blithering idiot. The situation in our state is very bad for the care of the mentally impaired. This man has no degree, he is not a social worker, psychologist, he is some yo yo that chose to work in this field. I am amazed that he came to this conclusion. It would not have cost the county anything. She has insurance benefits that would cover her for a while longer.<P>The long and short of it is that she is free at the moment to wander at will. I am afraid that she is going to get hurt by someone. If not that that she will hurt someone else or the baby. Die of exposure to the elements since it is a cold winter here. She has no fear of anything and would go with anyone and get into any strangers car. The possibilities are endless and very frightening.<P>Unless she gets bad enough for this organization to decide that she needs to be hospitalized in the next 48 hours then the court order is no good. Then we will have to start the whole process over again.<P>She has informed me that she is on the way over here. I am afraid of her and am not comfortable being alone with her. It is a very eerie thing to fear one's own child. <P>For now all we can do is continue to pray. Keep the faith and hope up in the Lord. Our hands are tied. Her father, her family, all of you, the police, the organization that helps her, the courts and I have done everything we can do. The county agency that did the screening did not. If anything happens to her or anyone else it is on their heads. They dropped the ball. <P>Thanks again and I am going to try and rest and relax until she arrives here.<BR><P>------------------<BR><B>God bless you and all of us. We are all going to make it, all of us! With God on our side we can't loose. What God has joined together let no man put asunder. <P>Samantha</B>