Hello carol14,<P>Sympathy card! That's great! Wish I'd thought of it!<P>Seriously, I DID think of ordering 13 dead (that's right, dead) roses to be delivered to his office, but I'm fighting to restore our love, no LB's. So I ordered 12 red and one differently colored long stemmed rose delivered. <P>Hang on. I understand. We are also living an arrangement, not a marriage. I keep doing little things that I hope will make a difference, even though they seem to have no effect. You get so tired.<P>I iron his shirt pleats just so, button down the shirt collar, thinking this will make it nice for him. I take care with things that he likes. Make an effort to look pretty when he comes home. Look for opportunities to spend pleasant enjoyable time together, though we're not at the 2 hours a day quota, I seize any time to make things nice for just the two of us.<P>And it's still just an arrangement.<P>Courage. You'll get through this anniversary.<BR>ha, ha, of course I would never really do it......[/B][/QUOTE]<P><P>------------------<BR>Belle, Domestic Goddess