Hey, thanks guys, and I know I will survive<BR>sometimes knowing that is the hardest part.<BR>Some positive I went to a Christian time out seminar for women that was really powerful, I feel stronger and closer to God. Kathi Trocoli, a great singer was there and many other dynamic singers and speakers. And I also felt closer to a group of women friends in my church. So I know I will not only survive, I will be ok. But I am impatient and I want my husband back now!!!!!!!!! KristiAnn I'm sorry your anniversary, wasn't exactly what you would have liked, sounds like you handled it well and added to the love bank. I am finding that this stuff takes a long long time. keep on, keepin on.....................thanks to bellevue and runrr for the sweet answers too.<BR>I am so glad to have found this site.....I don't feel so alone. love carol