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Here are some things I have done. It kinda hurts now, because it has been about three weeks since I 'found out'. Anyway....

I picked a week and I made invitations for a special getaway date on Friday. I was going to go to a hotel room, but it could just as easily be at home. The invitations were very creative and very seductive. I had him choose whether he wanted steak or lobster, wine or soda; then in another one I asked, would he prefer to be on top or bottom, would he prefer to be licked, nibbled, or kissed, would he prefer to go down or be gone down on (I said it the nasty way); on another I gave hints as to where we were going and when; on the last I asked if he wanted dinner and then dessert or dessert and then dinner, or desset only? All in all there were four invites and each one required some type of response from him.

Then on Friday I was going to be the hottest, sexiest, wildest, do-it-all, take-it-all (as long as we both agreed with everything), most fun, most enthusiatic, needing him, wanting him, desiring him, type of lover he has ever seen.

Something happened and we could not go.

I would like to set it up again, I just haven't taken the time and now, I am too vulnerable, too raw.


There have been other times when I have left notes in places where I knew when he found them he would be unable to think about it and unable to not think about it at the same time.

I remember that sometimes, I would call him at work and tell him what I wanted to do to him, and what I wanted him to do to me. Very, very specific; very, very detailed.

Once I wrote him a love scene involving--oooo it was so hot, that I got hot, just reading back over it before I gave it to him. He wrote one back that took my breath away.

I found this game in Spencers that have scratch off lotto cards for lovers. They have things like, kiss your lover on the ear on the couch this evening or kiss your lover on the thigh in bed tomorrow morning. He would scratch off his and give them to me to do. I would scratch off mine to give to him. Yeah baby!!!! Fun! Fun! Fun!!!

Tracey M.

I hope you don't stay raw too long and that you give it another go. I also hope the two of you resolve the feelings that this misfortune created.

Being vunerable is taking a risk and you obviously don't mind risking. I just hope that in all your risking you also learn and grow closer together. That IS the idea isn't it? To get closer and learn each other's hot buttons and how to push them?