I've been married for 10 years now and our sex life was almost non existent. Between taking the kids to this practice or that practice, and with us both working full time jobs and the other stresses in life we hardly made time for sex. And when we did have sex it was not exciting at all.

One of my friends suggested we add some sexual aids to the bedroom to spruce up our sex life. At first I was hesitant, but then I decided to look into it because we had to do something to add some spice to the bedroom.

She suggesteed we check out Sweets Spot Sensations at www.SweetSSpot.com .... because we could order discreetly and have the items delivered discreetly. I went to the site and lost my mind ... I bought lingerie (even some role playing costumes), bought some sex games and even some toys.

My husband loved that I had thought of this idea and loved what I had bought. Our sex life has improved 100% during the last year, we actually have fun during sex instead of wishing that it would just be over. I hope that sexual aides helps improve your sex life as much as it has improved ours. Much love to you all and good luck!