In all honesty, yes, I think he would. Would it have lasted? I don't know. She couldn't keep her first H from having an A. She is rather needy and selfish IMO, but then again, so my H has been also lately. It, too, was a "why didn't we get together in HS" relationship. She's actually in a lot of ways a lot like me. Friendly, personable, affects an air of independence, perky. Of course, she married right out of HS. Her H cheated on her shortly before we got married. She turned to my H for comfort. My H told her that she needed to work on her marriage because he felt that to commit adultery would be a terrible sin. Funny, how he forgot his own advice when he was married and she was divorced. Logically, I think the relationship wouldn't have worked in the end, but I have to admit, he very well could have married her. I sometimes wish he had had an affair with her during her marriage before marrying me. I wouldn't have married him and perhaps I wouldn't be going through this now.