Hi BR,<P>What an emotionally charged thread!!!! To control or not to control? Why does that have to be such a negative thing for the WS? It seems like it is blown out of proportion.<P>Is control always a bad thing? No. Are all our actions controlling ones? No. Then why is it perceived that way?<P>Ok, I am asking questions that I know the answer to but, hey it does make us think, right? <P>One question to the WS: What are good controls vs bad controls? <P>Same issue in my house. For some silly reason, the WS tends to think that the BS wants control but the OP does not? Go figure. From what I have read and experienced often the OP is more controlling and demanding than the BS. Yet the WS does not seem to acknowledge it. Making excuses for the Op's behavior (ex: Oh she is having a bad day, you are rude to her, it is that time of the month for her, she is sensative, she likes her privacy, you should not have thought about her that way - this last one was a personal injection - since most of my thoughts and comments to the WS about the OP was never said by me to the OP).<P>All your comments as always are greatly appreciated. <P>Thanks,<BR>L.<BR><p>[This message has been edited by Orchid (edited July 18, 2001).]