I had my bout with insecurities and all throughout
my life..

Loneliness I learned to handle years ago..when I was in my early 20's--I looked at the Cross and seen Jesus alone..all his friends running and hiding, His Father turning his back on him as He carried our sins in His death..his mom standing at the foot of the cross helpless to do anything, and I realized..I've never BEEN THAT ALONE in my life..even though it's felt like it sometimes..

I also dealt with the 'being single' again before my ex even moved out of the house..it was something I had to come to terms with before I gave him the Ultimatum..to be here or not be here
and I was content with the thought of being single again..

I guess my biggest fear was about my kids..and could I provide enough financially and emotionally for them..to be here when they need me most and still provide all their wants and needs..without to much change in their activities
with my going from full time homemaker to worker/student..it's a struggle financially but I am able to be here when they need me for the emotional stuff..

my son is really struggling in some areas..mostly his dad being gone out of town all the time (which he was before the divorce) but now he's a little older (8) it has a bigger impact on him..

I started dating a wonderful man..who actually wants to be here..and spend time w/ me and the kids..he meets needs for all of us that we never really knew we had because they went unmet for so many years..they really like having him around..
and to be honest...so do I!!!

We've had our struggles with trust issues, I think
dating is when they really come out..but if your blessed enough to have someone who is willing to help you through that and understanding of why you have trouble trusting it's so much easier..

I've grown up alot spiritually, and emotionally since the divorce..and I am truely happy for the first time I can remember...