After all of this... I don't see (currently) how I'll ever be able to re-enter a relationship where a woman has even a vague chance of sinking her claws into any of my dreams and ambitions. I wonder about pre-nups (if I ever get past that) and financial arrangements so that if things fall apart... she won't be in a position to take half of everything I worked so hard for.

I know that sounds soooooo materialistic, but I built up a business with a friend and it has been a huge issue in the DV. The house has been too. She believes in the hidden asset money tree and it drives me nuts. All of my dreams: family, loving wife, kids, my own business, etc. Sometimes I feel like she targets each and everyone single one as she becomes aware of them. Like she's punishing me for having the gall to DV her for her A.

Like CJack, I wonder at being able to trust MYSELF enough to trust anyone else. I keep looking for a shred of humanity in her and I never see it there at all. And, when I do fall in love, I wonder if I'll be with this new person and mentally/logically/intellectually stripping away any feelings of love to see if there is enough "whatever" there to wonder if I'm being naive again.

I feel bad for whoever that person is.