X first walked out, felt so lonely. Then I started to think, X was in Navy. when X came out he distance himself from me & son. Ive been alone for a lone time, just didnt know it.
Trust would be a big problem. X had A while working as cop on duty. dont think I could ever trust a man while he works.
Finances is biggest problem. trying to raise 13 yr old son who has medicial problems & ADD on $490 childsupport. X quit paying Court order medical & school. trying to find a job working around school hasnt worked out. son is starting to show learning problems & hehavior problems. Dr. said son has aggression towards Cops (X)& nurses(OW).
felt old X left me for OW who is couple yrs older than my oldest son. But after seeing her I can see why no one else wanted her. thought she would look like Barbie, blond and slim. I may be almost 49 but I feel I look better than her.
Dating isnt a problem. Been ask out but declined. Son is having mental health problems, after dad abandand him he is very protected of me. doesnt want any men around me. Dr. said son is afraid I will walk out on him too like dad did. cant put him though the things X has. Besides I need the time to get my life together before I drag someone else into it.

m-17 1/2 yrs
me-48, x-43
c-13, 29, 8 gd

c-3 under 11