Well, this is the second birthday we are apart.<P>My wife had her's yesterday, today it is my turn. We are now about forty-four. She is the older woman. <P>We have had fun at the times when we were able to take ourselves out on the weekends of our birthdays. For our fourtieth, we rented a small party room in a local microbrewery and invited friends from church, our work places, social aquaintances of each other. <BR>It almost didn't happen as I had to attend my BIL's funeral in Michigan a couple weeks earlier. I didn't think we could afford it but we were able to lessen the expense.<BR> <BR>I had to call my wife for another reason yesterday and said the usual goodbye, I love you stuff. But I actually got a "thank you" when I said "Happy birthday"!! <BR>I don't anticipate a call from her for any reason but to say "I am filing." Yes, I do believe in miracles and keep open that she feels a desire to come back. Kinda pathetic, I know.<BR>rrunrr<BR> <P>------------------<BR>Almost anything can be undone or forgiven.<P>Never take trust for granted.