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We do share some hobbies together and really enjoy spending quality time which is a blessing. Being newlyweds during a pandemic has gone a lot smoother than I would’ve thought:)

It is far easier to develop good marriage habits now as newlyweds rather than later. You want to really work on the hobbies so that all your leisure time is spent doing things together that you both enjoy. Yes you can explain why his hobby makes you unhappy but replacing it with something else that you both love is going to work better. He needs to see you do the same thing. The reason why this is so important is that leisure time spent together is how you build a romantic relationship. You fell in love with him because of the things the two of you had in common and did together. That needs to be nurtured and protected.

If (for example) he spends his Saturday evenings watching anime, there will come a moment when you decide to take up a hobby of your own. This will eventually lead to the two of you leading separate lives which is the kiss of death for romantic love. You see married couples who have only their children as an interest in common. Then the marriage breaks down. You need more than that.