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Thanks, brother Markos.

I recently discovered you blog. I... have since lost track of it again.

But, as a glutton for punishment I have been out in the wilds of teh internets trying to help people find the way forward - and, I think it was a post you made about disrespectful judgements, really helped to get the point across to people who are uninitiated.

It's a tireless thing to try to bring a unified message in the digital wild west.

Hey, thanks HHH. I was terrible at DJs - totally oblivious to them. I did them all the time without realizing, and when Prisca would do them to me I would hurt but not even be able to identify why because I was oblivious to what had actually happened.

That list of DJs originated as my own private notes of things I had to stop doing. It seemed for awhile that list would never stop growing. I kept tripping over new discoveries of things I was doing that were disrespectful, like running through a minefield. Every single one seemed to ruin EVERYTHING. But once I started identifying what I was doing, I started to make progress, and I even started to understand why they were disrespectful. It's funny, in my 20's I could watch a romantic comedy with Prisca and see a scene where the lead lady gets mad at the lead guy and be totally clueless as to why she was upset. Now I watch such movies and wince and say "ouch" because I understand whose being disrespectful and when!

I started posting that list here and eventually turned it into that blog post, and I am so glad it's out there helping people!