For all of these sections for both the husband and wife, it is important to understand how this was originally set up. God designed marriage. It was His idea. He made the rules. Which is why we have so many divorces...because we refuse to read and/or live by the owners manual.

In Genesis, it outlines the first marriage. Adam and Eve. Adam was the head of Eve. Eve was to reverence Adam. To submit (as we will see in the wife's section later). So, how did sin enter the world??

It entered thru the marriage of Adam and Eve. Satan knew He couldnt do a direct frontal attack on Adam. No way. So what He did was to get Eve to disregard Adam's headship, to get her to make the decisions. And guess what? Most people think Adam was somewhere else when she was doing this. Nope. The Bible says he was standing right there as she talked to the snake.

So, we have a passive man not taking his leadership role and defending his wife. We have a wife that instead of forcing him to take the leadership role, decides to take charge herself. What we have is the woman becomes the man, the man becomes the woman...and all hell breaks loose.

Because of this break from God, we had a curse put on us. several things to the curse, like women's pain in childbirth. But the interesting thing is that God said that the man will seek to rule over the wife, and the wife will seek to take over. What the curse became is the Battle of the Sexes. The man is going to want to rule because he was made to rule. Of course, he will want to rule as a despot...not like God rules. And the woman will want to not be ruled, and she will want to take charge.

God gave each of us unique abilities. Men cannot have babies...no womb. Men cannot feed the babies...no breasts. Men cannot "mother" babies...we are not equipped to.

I hear many today that say that there is no difference between a mother and father...except plumbing. That is not true! I can be a great father. I cannot be a great mother. And the two ARE different!! Which is another reason why homosexual "marriages" and them raising kids do not work. Because there is something missing, either a man or a woman.

My wife cannot teach my sons what it is to be a man. I cannot teach my daughter what it is to be a woman. My daughter looks to me for the type of man she may someday marry. My sons look to my wife for what they will look for in a future wife. There is no substitute for this folks.

Sure, we know of many single parents that are doing their very best and surviving against the odds in raising the kids. But I have learned that even with those efforts, they still fall short. I got custody of my kids during our mess. I was raising them almost exclusively by myself. And I believe I did a great job. But guess what? I look back now and know that there will always be something missing if they do not have a woman in their lives to show them what it is supposed to be like to be a wife and mother. What it is like to be a woman.

So, all of this mess goes back to Adam and Eve. Adam was responsible, because he was the head. But it was Eve who ignored her head and wanted to take charge (as we will see later).

But as Christians, we are redeemed fro mthe curse. We can have the marriages we want. We can be what we should have been, before Adam and Eve screwed it up. And Scripture tells us how.