To give an over view, what I have learned is that our roles are very unique. We arent just two, co-equal spouses. That there are things ONLY a woman can do in a marriage, and there are things that ONLY a man can do in a marriage. Of course, we know the obvious ones.

But, according to the Bible, God requires two thing for us to do and for the wife and one for the husband. Out of these, there are three major areas each that we accomplish these.

The Bible says that a husband is commanded to love his wife, like Christ loves the church. And the wife is commanded to respect (or translated another way...reverence) her husband. So it comes down to the husband loves, the wife reverences.

In order to do this, we have to meet needs in three major areas each...I guess for this discussion, we will start with the man first.

Husband (Sacrificial Love)
1. Become your wife's Savior
2. Become your wife's Sanctifier
3. Become your wife's Satisfier