I sent this to AJ the day he decided to "abandon" Gargy and return to his marriage...

I'd like the chance to sit down and talk with you sometime, but take a deep breath and relax. This isn't it!! I just want to take a couple of minutes before I go to sleep to encourage you as sincerely and as strongly as I can to take, very seriously indeed, this chance to rebuild your marriage. Your wife loves you a lot, but she is also at a place in her head and in her life where she is not only ready to move on without you if she has to, but she knows that she's capable of it, as well. Very few women would've done what she's done for you over the past 6 months. She has shown true Christianity in action in a way I don't really ever remember seeing done before. (Not that it's never happened, but it's at least never happened where I was watching.) In that whole time, I never, EVER heard her say an angry unkind word about you, not even after the time you called her (in a rage) "the lowest (copulating) piece of (bowel excretions) on the planet." She has upheld you in front of your children, who still think their daddy's just as wonderful in June as they did in January before all the feces hit her rotating blades. Not just because she's my daughter, but because she's a kind and wonderful human being, I am so desperately hoping that you mean it this time when you say you won't hurt her again; that you will put a proper value on who and what she is; and that you will also cherish this opportunity to salvage your home and family, and your wife.

You are an extremely fortunate man. I hope you know that, and remember it always. It would be too bad if the only way you could discover it was if it were gone. I will be praying for you both, and although I'm not going to force myself or my advice on you, you can know that I am not only willing, but even anxious, to help you out if you will let me.

God bless you, my dear.