As long as I'm NOT OBSESSING about any OP at all in the world, I might as well tell you a few of the things I remember AJ said they talked about. I'll add in more later if I remember.

Disclaimer: Although AJ had a real eye-opener to her character, and began to see the myriad ways in which he was manipulated by Gargamel, he takes full responsibility for all his actions, and does not in any way blame her for what he did, or try to use her manipulations as an excuse for breaking NC, or anything of the sort. He is 100% accountable for him, and he knows it.

One thing she did is try to lure him ever deeper into deception. As soon as I found out about the first phone contact, she went and bought him an affair phone, which he had had for about a week before he gave it to me. She left it at her job site the day before he went in to replace her on her day off.

She tried to convince him to let her have someone call the company and order his protective services for a trip to Hawaii, and she would actually pay him so it would look legit, as if it were a real assignment and not a gigolo job. He told her I would never 'let' (ha!) him go on an assignment like that unless I came, too.

She tried to convince him to take another loan from her, this time for $30,000. Knowing if she did she would have him in her pocket forever. There's no telling for sure, but I think if I hadn't rained on the parade that day at the other job site, that he would have accepted pretty soon.

Every chance she got, she tried to undermine me on every level. She would do it indirectly, by trying to insinuate herself into his life and be indispensible. She tried to do it directly, by smearing my character. She told him that I probably had a bank account that he didn't know about, and had funneled company funds into it. She was VERY willing to check the books for him, and if there were any discrepancies, to find them for him. She told him I probably had something going on with a male friend of ours, with whom I had done several music albums.

The day AJ suggested to me that I put her in charge of the employee schedules, she had told him to ask me. (I pointed out to him how clever it was of her to try and put me in a win-win situation for her. If I said yes, she was that much more involved in the company, and that much closer to him. If I said no, which I did, I looked like a [female dog].)

She predicted that, since we weren't really in love, and only staying together for the sake of the children, that we wouldn't last even six months. AJ foolishly tried to convince her that he really was in love with me, (sneaking around, lying, and talking to his mistress was a funny way to show it, but hey, it's all part of the fog), that he loved being with me, and loved making love to me.

Apparently they had a bit of an argument over that last one, with her trying to tell him he didn't enjoy boinking his wife, and him trying to tell her that he did. He went waaaaay overboard, even describing in rather too much detail the different sexual activities and positions (hopefully not the sink <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />) that he and I enjoy. To which OF COURSE she responded, "Well, I'll do all that for you, too....."

It is so ludicrous when I try to picture them discussing all this. He was so deeply fogged that the irony of the whole thing never occurred to him. I think he would realize it now, if he could stand to think about it.

She was the one who tried to tell him I was probably sleeping around on him, too. Every seed of doubt she sowed found fertile soil in his twisted little WS brain. But by the end, when she started accusing me of stealing from him and embezzling from the company, the fog cleared enough to where he began to question that, at least in his own mind. I'm flattered. <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif" alt="" /> A lifetime of unimpeachable character and unquestioned honesty, and he manages to at least question whether I have suddenly turned into a criminal.

Once the second NC letter was sent, the only way she had left to directly try and break us up was through me. And she has tried, very hard. Several times she has almost succeeded.

AJ & I both thought separately, even before we shared, that part of her plan is to make me so sick of him, and of the A aftermath, that I will give him the boot. It has been very tempting more than once, but that is a story for another day. Maybe several days.

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