Grrrrr. I just lost my whole post, but I'll try to recreate it the best I can.

It must have taken her a while to come up with further awful ideas, because it was five more days till she wrote back.

Obviously the word "sleazy" hit home.


I would have thought you would know about the hours not on the timecards since you and your husband have NO secrets. You should ask him about the hours since he directed me to NOT put them on the time cards.

And as far as the relationship between AJ and I being "sleazy" or "unpleasant", nothing could be further from the truth. AJ and I made promises and plans for the future, together. The sooner the you accept that and your part in it, the sooner you and AJ MAY be able to move forward. A lot of your future together depends on you understanding (not agreeing) with what happened and why. You have a chance to fix what is wrong Neak, don't waste it blaming others. AJ is a very special, loving person, so do what you can to make things right, focus on AJ and nothing else. The only reason I am telling you these things is because I care for AJ very much and only want him to be happy whether it is with you, me, or someone else. I told him that many times and you can ask him, if you don't believe me. So again, I ask you to do your best to make him happy.

As far as what I intend to accomplish by speaking to him, it is very simple, I want the money that is owed to me, all of it. He promised me it would be paid back in full with reasonable interest. I have been very patient with the small amounts of money you have paid back so far, I have not been unreasonable, and I don't understand why you feel the need to be unreasonable.

The ball is in your court, I'll be waiting to hear from you.

As always, Gargamel

My fellow Idiots had great fun pointing out the irony of an OW generously providing marital advice, even suggesting that she go into business for herself. "Gargamel's Marriage Counseling Services." ROFL!

As I mentioned before, I do feel the need to over-explain, and it took lots of encouragement for me to ignore the 'chance' part. I wanted to rub her nose in the fact that I was not the one with the chance; HE was. HE was the one with the chance to make right what he had done wrong, and I had mercifully granted him that chance.

And he had taken it, and dumped her, hahahahahahahahaha. No, I wouldn't really have said that.

And when I told AJ of the contents of this letter, he became irate at the "plans for the future" part. He said he never made her any sort of promise, and told her repeatedly that he wouldn't be able to decide anything while he was still with me.

I suggested that maybe he had said something, and just forgotten, but he was still very insistent that he had done no such thing. I have no idea whether he did or not, but I believe he truly thinks he did not. Either way it was just typical cake-eating behavior at the time, so it had no significance in the present besides just being interesting.

He readily admitted the surveillance, once reminded of it, but as far as he remembered she had agreed to do it strictly as a favor, and it lowered her even further in his already very low estimation, that now she was asking to be paid for it and using it to try and destroy his hard work in the trust-building department. (He really really resented each effort to undermine him.)

He was very open about the whole thing, yes I had asked her to do that, I just didn't remember it till now. No one who knows him would find this hard to believe. It sounds much better to say that he is a big-picture person than that he is absentminded and probably had forgotten by the very next day.

I reassured him that when I responded I would continue to be professional and polite, ignoring her attempts to make trouble. He made me very happy when he encouraged me in that, saying, "You are so much better than she is!"

So with everybody's help, I was good.


This month's payment has been left. Someone will be by
tomorrow afternoon, most likely between 2 and 4 pm, to
collect the corporate items we discussed previously.

The corporation has no more money to pay its debts,
including - but not limited to - its debts to you for
the surveillance and also the loans. If/when more
money is forthcoming, further payments on the
corporate portion will be made.


That last part was upon the advice of the corporation's attorney, who is going to help handle the remaining collection/lawsuit efforts, and who kindly sent out a letter to Gargamel a couple weeks ago, at no extra charge.

She must have had fun making The Box.

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