Hey Mom, could you open The Box long enough to look at the date on the 'Morning After' letter? Lots of ugly 1-yr anniversaries are coming up soon, and that one in particular I want to be on the lookout (more than usual) for C attempts. There is also his birthday in May, but at least I know the date on that one.

We went to rescue Neaksis in enemy territory today. She stopped to see what that awful noise was, and it was the muffler dragging on the ground - never a good sign even in the best of weather.

She took haven in a thrift store. Poor Neaksis. Forced to await rescue while immersed in her natural habitat. Ok, so it's my natural habitat, too, but I wasn't stuck.

Coming out of the parking lot we met a vehicle that, through befogged windows, closely resembled the Gargmobile. Also, I haven't gone yet, but AJ was kind enough to warn me that the ice cream shoppe where the Princess wants to use her free birthday sundae certificate (say that three times fast!) is also a favored hangout, which is why he resisted all her pleas to take her there. Lucky me instead.

For the most part I have just been doing my shopping down in the valley, where I don't have to look over my shoulder so much. Of course I have nothing to be ashamed of, but it does wonders for my attitude when I don't have to have my face rubbed quite so firmly in the reality of there being Another Woman out there.

But Neaksis was important enough to make an exception for. ("I'm sorry, Neaksis, but you had the misfortune to break down too close to Gargamel's lair. Maybe you should wait until the rain stops and try to fix it yourself. Surely the thrift store has some wire...")

[That was a joke.]

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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