I think you are right. We hear NO, NO, NO, NO.
and it is hard to go from that to

It might be better if we thought of it as
Not yet, Not yet, not yet
and then

I think it could stand some work.

I'm sorry it turned bad early on. We are finding it a beautiful thing, more so than when we were young. Love and trust are the best foundation. Trust plays a bigger part than many think and that is emotional trust. Knowing that we won't be hurt for sharing our selves.

I am leaving for a few days on business, see everyone when I get back.


I hope Neak finds the cookies before someone else does. I'll share the secret of saving cookies at our house. My W puts it in a brown bag, and writes "dad's lunch tomorrow" on anyting she wants to the kids to stay out of. It seems to work.
Who me? No, I'm the nicest guy around? Why do you ask?

I think sometimes about all the pain in the world. I hope we can ease that here, even if only a little bit.