I just had such a nice chat with one of the county ladies. She sits at the front desk at the county building, and also apparently was in on AJ's job interviews when he was trying to get the A-starting job.

She asked why he was no longer working there, and I told her about the A. She was very shocked, and asked if we were still together. I told her oh yes, that it had been hard but he was a good man before and twice as good now. I told her that we loved each other very much, and valued each other more than ever.

The nice lady was suitably impressed, though perhaps she wishes she hadn't asked, lol.

She asked if I was aware that Gargamel no longer worked there, and I told her I knew, but that she still had friends there and had access to AJ's schedule as a result, and had come there while he was working.

What a nice, nice lady.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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