I am trying not to obsess about Gargamel. Not, not, not! But in addition to all the usual reminders, tomorrow DS9 goes to STAR testing 1 1/2 miles down the hill, on the same road as her house. Maybe you city folk think that's a long way, but any of you that live in the country understand that I might as well stand at the bottom of her driveway and blow a trumpet, especially when I'm on the path leading to....everywhere from her house. It's not like in the city, where you can go this way or the other way around the block. You follow one road for quite a way before getting to an intersection that offers options. And the test site is right along that one way.

So I am trying to psych myself up for the rest of the week of that. But have AJ take him? Not on your life!!!!!!

And then I had to go pick up my poor little car from the windshield shop. AJ had dropped it off, and described the location to me. "Well, it's pretty close to Douglas Tire, across the street from the Ford dealership, and right next to the Economy Inn."

A much more accurate description would be, "It is directly between the Economy Inn, and the Holiday Inn Express where I rutted with my mistress." But that's ok, I figured it out quickly enough once I got there.

I try to avoid that area whenever possible, but good grief, I had to get my car. Grrrrr. How dare they put a decent establishment there?

So now that I have complained, I mean vented, I will go try to think of something else for the rest of the evening. But don't think of Gargamel is a lot like don't think of pink elephants.

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A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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