Regarding FORGIVENESS, what do you think about Forever's take on this? This was taken from the BOLD LOVE discussion that we had a few months ago. I also bumped up that entire thread for you if you are interested.

Re: Bold Love by Drs. Allender and Longman [Re: A.M.Martin]
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This is all well and good, Forever, but what are you saying, practically?

Are you saying that I should rush over and embrace XH?/WH? and OW, and tell them all is forgiven in a passionate recognition of God's love?


AM Martin -let me end your confusion and put it as succinctly as I know how....without repentance there can BE no forgivenss of sin. You can still 'love the sinner' and not take vindictive action, can even to not hold a grudge against them, but forgiveness is only in response to repentance.

Hope that clears it up for you.

(It was GG who was arguing for forgiveness without repentance, and I was offering an opposing viewpoint)

In Christlike love at all times.

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Re: Bold Love by Drs. Allender and Longman [Re: Formerly G.G.]
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If I am interpreting correctly what is being said then I should not, perhaps even cannot, forgive WW until she repents and asks me to do so.

Is that what I am hearing?


Yes, that is exactly what you are hearing, at least from me.

God is the "model" of how and when to forgive. God commands us to forgive a brother in Christ IF HE REPENTS. The corollary to that is, "no repentance, no forgiveness."

To forgive without repentance is to cheapen and demean forgiveness. Christ died so that we would repent and receive forgiveness of sin. He does not forgive our sin without our first repenting, because to do so would be to "condone sin" as okay and NOT something that someone should repent of.

Christ forgave one thief but not the other. If forgiveness could be granted, and be effective, without any need for repudiating sin,why did Jesus only forgive one thief and why did Jesus have to die AT ALL to pay the "price" for sin if sin could simply be forgiven with NO CHANGED behavior being needed?

Forgiveness without repentance is "dog that won't hunt."

God bless.


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