Hard not to think about the A as being great fun, full of
excitement and 24 hr sex, but when I think of WH's "typical"
nighttime routine (watching TV in bed, falling asleep soon
after taking bipolar meds, sleeping hard and snoring) it
makes me wonder.
Then again, maybe that was just with me (we had no SF for
for months before the A started due to WH "not being in the
mood", "tired", "congested", or having trouble with his
"performance" )
When I talked to OW back in October it sounded like that was their prime activity complete with "costumes" (for her) and according to the photos she sent me later, SF outdoors and in public places.(these are not pretty pictures) and
since OW even got pregnant, WH must have overcome his

I like the description "lusty utopia". Would like to go there myself...