We had another lovely sharing time today as he was driving home from work. (I forgot to mention that in the same time frame as the porn invites taking over his whole calendar, one of the times he logged on, all his emails had been opened, just like the last time except there was no change to the blocked addresses.) There was more that he remembered from recently.

In the last little while, there was a day when our mail was apparently tampered with. He looked out the window and saw the mail lady just driving on to the next house from ours. A couple minutes later he went out to get our mail and there was nothing there. For whatever reason, he went back and checked it later that afternoon, and there it was as if it had been there all the time.

We had talked about the possibility of this before, but never so specifically; that he thinks that on many occasions she has parked on the hill above our house and conducted surveillance. He said that on numerous days he has seen different cars sitting up there for long periods of time. It is a small cul de sac, with only one house on it, close to the main road, and the cars were all the way at the end of the loop, where there are no houses or anything.

So the drama is not over even yet, and I have to wonder just what she's planning if all this stuff is still happening. On the one hand it stirs up resentment again, because if he hadn't made the choices he did I wouldn't still be in this position, but on the other hand it is more of a relief than I thought it would be to talk about some of this with him, and so ultimately it is serving to bring us closer to each other. Which I doubt is her intent.

(I have not forgotten that there is a great deal yet to say on the subject of resentment.)

So even if I am being dragged back a little, it will be good in the long run. I am just trying to walk the fine line between not obssessing over what she is/might be doing, and thinking about it enough to make sure that there are no obvious weaknesses for her to easily exploit.

The email thing is bothersome. The same song keeps running through my head. Grow a life!

Last night I had a funny dream. I was on a cruise ship that left the ocean and headed up a river. Suddenly we found ourselves in a small lake. Our momentum had carried us over a waterfall, only about 5-7 feet high, so we weren't destroyed, but high enough so we couldn't sail back the way we came.

Then I saw up ahead that where the river fed into the lake was about to break and flood, and somehow I knew that the resulting wave would be too steep for the ship to climb, and it would founder. So....we (almost) all climbed up the steep hill by the lake and took shelter as high as we could go. I woke up before the wave hit, when we were being besieged by black widows and other creepy crawlies, smashing them right and left. We had every expectation of surviving, though I'm not sure what we would have done about the influx of spiders fleeing the rising waters.

Most of my dreams would make excellent B movies. (Maybe even D- <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/pfft.gif" alt="" />.)

The Toad Whisperer is almost asleep, hugging his stuffed duck. He has had a long day, and I'm not surprised he is tired. Any ten men would be exhausted after dividing up his daily activities amongst themselves. (As in, just the dividing would exhaust them; the activities themselves would probably result in injury or death.)

AJ took me "in" to dinner tonight, bringing me food home with him from work. We went and sat in the bedroom to eat together, briefly pretending that there were no children around. It was very sweet, and I would reward him appropriately if only he hadn't long since fallen asleep after being up all night and all day.

Sweet dreams, all.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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