That level of stupidity would boggle my mind. "Hey Mom, wanna watch Raven from Las Vegas with me? I have it scheduled every second and third days from now to forever, and I was hoping you would join me. Can you bring some popcorn?"

You're right - just about any explanation in the world, including those that contain alien laser email scrambling beams, are more likely.

Last night I dreamed I was beginning an EA, and I'm sure this came from thinking about the other thread on that subject.

An all-male music group came to visit at the church, and I got to chatting with them. They knew I was married, although AJ was not there that day. One in particular was very friendly, and very touchy. He was so sweet, and I felt so happy and so alive. Briefly I compared that to the more solid, but less exciting feelings I had toward my husband, before deciding to just not think about him (AJ) any more.

Mom tried to tell me that she was concerned, but I said, "Oh, he's just being friendly." It made me uncomfortable enough that I thought maybe I should tell him that I was not a touchy person, and to back off a bit, but kind of just shrugged, guessing it wasn't so bad after all.

It was very eerie to have a switch just flip, and suddenly not care any more.

The first few moments of waking up and transitioning back into reality were also pretty strange. No musician, no EA, just a snoring husband rubbing my feet with his while he slept. What a relief! I cannot imagine how awful it would be to have that kind of deceptive fantasy, and then you wake up and it's still there. You go through the day, and it's still there. You crawl into bed at night, and it's right there next to you and inside you, filthy and obscene. And no matter how many times you wake up wishing, it's never a dream.

Ah well, enough philosophizing for the moment - my math students are getting restless.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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