For the Record: Mom is the same, wonderful, fuzzy, joy-bubbling, cheer-oozing person, no matter how much or how little sleep she has had. In case I wasn't specific enough before.

Well, I am a happy camper today. Last night AJ told me that he had grown concerned that a woman at work was becoming 'too friendly', and that he had spoken to her, and as tactfully as possible reminded her that he was married and told her to keep everything on a professional level.

In some ways, she reminds me a great deal of Gargamel(but a little older), meaning that she seems unable to have appropriate relationships with men.

She started back to work after a suspension for some very inappropriate behavior on-the-job and apparently tried to talk to AJ quite a bit, hoping for a sympathetic ear. He began to grow concerned over the last little bit when it seemed like she was singling him out for conversation, and also paging for him to come to her work area on official business, pretty flimsy business maybe, but not across any lines.

Then the other day she called to see if he was going to be at work, and when he showed up she was all dolled up <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/eek.gif" alt="" /> and still trying to talk to him. I was pleased that he had been observing the situation from the beginning, and that when she did that, he realized it was time to say something and put some extra distance there.

He also turned down her kind offer to let him stay at her place any time he needed somewhere to spend the night. He told her it wouldn't look right, since he was a married man.


Then he told me, which earned even more bonus points. (Ok, if you're being technical, he wouldn't have earned any points at all if he hadn't told me, since I wouldn't have known to give him any.)

So here we had a situation so much like the other: a reasonably attractive older woman from work, in distress because of the actions of an XBF, seeking sympathy and a knight in shining armor, trying to incorporate herself into AJ's time and life, trying to stir those manly impulses to rescue damsels in distress, undisturbed by the fact that he is married, but the difference is this time he did the right thing.

It doesn't make up for what he did the last time, but it makes me feel more comfortable about the future.

I had forgotten all this till just now, or I would have said something earlier this morning, but thinking about it makes me happy enough that I might actually stop cooking massive buffet-style meals (I have come to think of them as sarcas-meals), and cook more normally again.

Plus I am piling up too many dishes to wash.

*smack* So Self, stop pouting already and be thankful. <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

Given a few more weeks, I may even lose the urge to clobber him for the burger comment.

(Countdown: 5 more days...)

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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