Still Seeking, you did it again. Upon arriving back from a mostly very unpleasant trip, during which one of the uppermost thoughts on my mind was the daydream of divorce, I read what you put on Mom's thread. Something like, "Hope all are well and happy. If well but not happy, repent."

That little one sentence sledgehammer changed the direction of my ship, and within the space of a couple of days, all is well on its way to on track.

From great discontent and an upsurge of resentment, to once again worshiping and praying together, and in unity of heart. We serve such a wonderful God!

I hope to have time to mull my way through this whole thing later, but for the reasons given over on Mom's thread, I am not going to try and do it tonight, and maybe not tomorrow either.

There are plenty of other thoughts burning holes in my mental pockets, too, but I wanted to give a summary, and to thank you for once again...."a word fitly spoken".

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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