SS - I'm not getting enough rest, exactly, but what I do get is usually of a high quality.

Ho, Ho.
I need 8 hours a night, and I only get 5 but my bed is really soft.

I should be happy for you?


I doubt very much if any thing we say will get you more sleep, but we can keep praying for it. I suspect you'll get help if and when you need it. HE can make it work anyway.

Still just trying to figure out how to get everything done in the evening that I need to, and get up early with the kids to get them ready for school. It will probably come together in a few weeks.

Or a few Decades. Ha, Ha, Ha. No, actually, it does get better. The tasks don't reduce, but you get better at balancing it all, and you learn to pray more, and get the help you need that way since they don't sell sleep at Home Depot these days. (Not sure why, they were always sold out??)

Yes, I remember. It seems so peaceful and slow with only two at home these days. I get lots more sleep now.

Hope the book deal goes well.


I think sometimes about all the pain in the world. I hope we can ease that here, even if only a little bit.