I almost bet you have avoided talking about things sometimes because you weren't sure if it was normal Male/Female stuff, or if there really was a problem. Meanwhile, you have bad feelings and they don't go away like you think they should.

This is very true, but the third option in there was also wondering if my feelings were just a side effect of trying to heal from the A. I figured it was one of the three.

Bad - when both in the marriage are trying hard, but just not going fast enough for the third party.

We probably don't have to worry about that one. Not so far, anyway.

Your experiences are very helpful, because even if the particulars are different, the basic concepts are the same as what I am working on right now.

With a renewal of spiritual growth in both of us, that alone is helping a great deal. When that fell aside, things moved to just about the intolerable level, at least for me. Not that everything is perfectly fixed - that will mean new habits, which take time to form - but we are now in a position of being loving toward each other and in a more proper frame of mind altogether.

Even though he is in OR, he read worship for us tonight and prayed for us over the phone. Huge LB deposits there.

There are a few things I must take care of first, then my bright idea is 1) I need to fill out the EN questionnaire for him 2) Read the LB book and 3) Fill out the LB questionnaire.

I'm glad we're having this talk. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
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