AJ, able to take an active role at last, snapped his (Kicking's) neck with one quick motion,

Well, it would hardly have helped you if he'd snapped his own, now would it? "Wait, dear! I'll save y--......................" <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

I hope Believer reads this. She's always been impressed with your dreaming ability, and even for you, this is a chart-topper! <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif" alt="" /> I especially like the significance of K---icking. You're Freudian even while you're asleep. <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/pfft.gif" alt="" />


P.S. I tried to call you but nobody answered. You weren't supervising another slaughter, were you? <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />