I don't know if I can be of much help with the bad memories, and triggers, since I have not experienced it myself.

Many report they go back to some of the places and have a taking back ceremony. Most often it has involved Motels, and things we can't discuss in detail. I don't know what you could do in a a Chinese restaurant - except maybe have a big party, and make it yours again. I'm sure Neak sis would come if you paid her way.

I hope she has a good sense of humor, but then, she is your sister.

What do you suppose Jesus meant when he said "Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."

Will it always be a struggle for us in this life?


Will we reach the point where our faith is strong enough that we no longer worry about many or most of these kinds of things?

I don't expect answers, but leave you to think on it.
It seems to do me good to ponder sometimes.

Ah - but then, I don't have small children at home. (grin)


I think sometimes about all the pain in the world. I hope we can ease that here, even if only a little bit.