Don't count yourself out of this one just yet. Continue to do the unthinkable in the face of "conventional wisdom" - love your enemy - the WW. Plan A and put yourself in a position to be her parachute when the heat of the A cools off, which it will in due time. I am exactly where you are, including the restraining order. Fortunately OM ditched WW after a short while from the pressure of having to meet WW's needs. Remember that they "affair down" and that all of them end sooner or later. Delay, delay, delay. Time is on your side. Expose OM to everyone in his circles and fight for your marriage using unconventional MB wisdom.

If you are a person of faith, cling to that and pray a lot. It works and will help you fix your issues so that when she's ready to fix yours, you'll be ready too.

Hang in there. It's not over yet.


sbmmal BH 29 (Me) WW 29 M: 07-20-2001; DD Age 2 EA/PA: 5/06 - Present D-Day: 6-3-06 Deployed Since 11/05, Leave Due in 07/05 Home Forever and Out of Army 10/06... Praying for Us and Seeking God Feverishly!!!