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The guy appears to be a waste of space, low level job no wife or girlfriend (wife said in an an argument that he is a player WTF)and lives with his sister - who know already.
The only requirement for an A person is that they breathe, nothing else matters.

How do you know this info about this OM?

If it came from your WW mouth, you cannot trust it. She will lie, you need to get that through your head.

If I expose to wifes family will this not do more harm than good if she is genuine
This will not do more harm than what is going on right now, your wife is seeing, and sleeping with another man.

Telling everyone about this A will pressure WW and OM to stop the shame and disgust of what they are doing. It will not end on it's own for a very, very long time.

How do you consider your WW to be genuine?

She has lied, she has forsaken your M vows, she has betrayed you and your daughter, and she is disrespecting herself with her behaviour. I could go on and on and on .......

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