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Okay took advice have told WS parents, This brought out the first visible response from WS, also discovered that there has been continued contact, caught wife with secret mobile phone and more texts, this made her call out the police om me again.
Great, you told WW's parents, but this is not enough as you have seen, she is still in contact.
Expose to OMW, your family, the university.

Coucelling starts Saturday
Total waste of time at this point since she is still in contact. They work together, unless you are with her 24/7, you cannot guarantee NC.

I have insisted on zero contact but they will work in the same building for the next 3 days and one visit in two weeks time then my wifes official reason to be in that building is over.
You can insist until the cows come home, she will not listen, she will follow her addiction to the OM. Exposing to the university and OMW will do more to smash this A than you insisting anything.

She told me they had stopped having sex months ago due to her guilt and they where just friends and she asked me if they could rmain friends as he was so easy to talk to
Don't believe anything that comes from her mouth right now. She is trying to justify and lighten the whole thing up. Fog babble ... ignore it.

I put my foot down and said no (I told her the way they carry on and the language they use is not that of friens and if they where friends she would not have gone to such lenghts to hide the relationship but I said this before and she lied to my face and continued to see him.
This is good but be careful not to get into a pissing contest, it leads to LBing ... AO, and DJ's. Plus it gets you nowhere, you can't reason with a drunk. MB describes people in A's mindset to that of falling down drunks.

How many times should I take this kind of contempt. She has fained disgust at how dare I question her honesty - can you believe this stuff.
This is more fog babble, ignore it. This indicates that WW is still in contact with OM. For crying out loud, expose to the most significant players in this A.

Plan A only works when you use the carrot and the stick.

And remember, this A is not your fault. People have choices other than A's if they feel they are in a weak M.

Are the books by Dr. Harley helpful?

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