The magazine articles are coming out in the October/November issue of Women of Spirit. Yay!

It's been an interesting week. Several weeks ago, my Princess found a letter I wrote to AJ on 2/14/09, 2 days after D-day. A longer story to follow in the next coupla days after I copy my blog over here, but long and short is now they all know about the A.

Both of the older ones were pretty well equipped for the surge of conflicting emotions, and are mostly talking out their anger and hurt. Young Dervish? He doesn't have any big feelings, lalalalala, he's acting bad because he's so HAPPY! *rolling my eyes wildly*

So on this, four years out from recovery #1, the consequences continue. And I'll bet that when AJ took that first step toward another woman's bed, he had no idea the high price he was going to have to pay, not only on a marital level and personal level, but now by having his beautiful children question him about his sordid actions during that time. And knowing how badly he has hurt them with his past selfishness.

So much easier to prevent A's than to live with the aftermath.

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.
~ English proverb

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