So AJ got some extra money right before Christmas, a couple months earlier than he expected it.

Instead of running right out to buy the large flat-screen TV he's been eyeballing for the living room, so he can get rid of the giant 200-lb dinosaur he currently uses, he decided to get me a....

Canon Rebel digital camera with professional capabilities.

He's wanted to get me a really good camera to replace my other one since even before we were married, and now he's done it!!!

The lenses, oh me oh my, the lenses! Both are zoom, one a wide-angle, and the other a 70-300mm. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! The guy he bought it from even stuck in an extra flash unit for free.

A huge HUGE kisskisskiss to my love-unit-depositing hubby. Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!

As with Paul Harvey, there's always a rest of the story.

AJ did manage to get himself a smaller flat screen for our bedroom. Men! What can I say???


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~ English proverb

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